One day Asia and I were riding bikes and talking about our big plans.  She mentioned that she would like to shoot a movie.  A few months later Mrs and I bought Asia a video camera for her birthday.  The best presents are ones that you get to use too, right?  For six months Asia worked on her script, “Spy Girl”.  One day she announced that she had finished the script and would be sending out casting invites.  And then it hit her; she had no idea how to shoot and edit a movie.  For the remainder of the week she was a ball of stress.

That weekend I sat her down at the dining room table.  I set a timer for 20 minutes and ordered her to write a two person sketch.  Later that day we shot the sketch – my way of showing her how to make movie.  Not that I know anything about how to shoot and edit a movie.  I probably should fix the audio levels and a bunch of other things, but whatevers, I’ve had enough of the movie biz for now.  Here it is, an Asia Neill original: