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There’s no party like a tea party.

I work seven days a week.  My primary responsibility is to occupy the time of a 20 month old named Katt.  Our favorite thing to do these days is to play in Asia’s room.  And what a room it is.  It’s got endless nooks and crannies packed with the most random things imaginable – a veritable kids version of Hoarders, but with cool stuff instead of junk.  Here we are taking turns trying on a mardi gras mask and a blonde wig.

You might notice that Katt’s shirt is on backwards.  Well maybe it is.  She didn’t complain.

Another thing we do is play tea party in Katt’s room.  Tea party is a solid game.  First I pull out a stack of old 78 records and spin them on the turntable.  Next we dump out the three baskets of toys we’ve stolen from Asia’s room.  Then we organize the loot into piles.  The most important pile is the miniature tea cup pile.  We choose our cups, clink them, and squeal “cheers”.  Our imaginary elixirs are then drained in a single gulp.  Sated, we bellow “AHHHHHH”.  Then it’s off to the next pile of semi-functional toys and whatever drama we can drum up.  Those 78’s sound absolutely magical when you play tea party.

As to why I’ve been hoarse…

Last month I became obsessed with hacking/modding my son’s Wii.  Among hundreds of other things, it is now a fully functional karaoke machine with a staggering library of songs.  But alas, in these days of round-the-clock parenting, who has the luxury of fooling with karaoke?  As it turns out, when Katt gets cranky, one surefire way of inducing a nap is to sit with her on one of those big-blue-middle-aged-women-workout-balls, and sing 20 minutes of karaoke to her.  She takes 2-3 naps a day, so yes I’ve been doing a lot of singing.  It’s all preparation for my triumphant return to public karaoke.  It’s been 5 years.

My first public karaoke experience went well.  It was in a rugby bar and I sang “The Battle of New Orleans”, which now that I’m a karaoke expert, I recognize to be an easy number.  The second time was in a bowling alley.  I thought I’d be a real wise-guy and sing Brittney Spears.  What I didn’t realize is that in karaoke, it is important to know how to sing ALL THE LYRICS, not just the punchy oops baby I did it again part.  Luckily I was wearing a luchador mask, so my shame and humiliation were hidden beneath a black and blue Mexican wrestling mask.  What really blows is that before Oops Baby started, I had commanded everyone’s full attention by grabbing the mic and shouting in a Mexican accent, “I did not come here for a party…<pause>…I CAME FOR A FIESTAAAAAAAAAA!”.

Interrupted musings on a perfect day.

Yesterday I took the Katt for a walk.  It was a perfect fall day, probably the last nice day of the year.  It made me think…how many idyllic days are left in my life?  1000? 100?  My body was pain-free, stress-free, and I was doing something I love, with someone I love.

Yeah, so while I was thinking about all that, Katt fell asleep.  No easy task, considering how jacked up the sidewalks are in my neighborhood.  Just then a young Yinzer woman stopped me and asked if I was pushing a real baby.  Uh-huh.  Because grown men everywhere are known to push dolls in strollers.

I bought that “jogging stroller” on Craigslist.  And in doing so, I inadvertently became a Craigslist character.  Perhaps I will tell you about that tomorrow.