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Curvy road trippin’

On last week’s drive to Vermont, Google insisted we drive through the Adirondack Mountains.  Who am I to argue with Google?  Pretty stuff, but it rendered us a bit car-sick with all the twists and turns.  Along the way, baby Katt learned a new word – FLOWERS, which she now says at every opportunity.

In Burlington, we went to K-art.  We didn’t buy much of anything artistic, just diapers and dish washing detergent.

I was too cheap to rent bikes in Burlington, so the kids spent many hours rollerblading along Lake Champlain.  I attempted to keep up while pushing Katt in the stroller.  It was the first time in my life I’ve ever jogged.  Let me tell you, jogging blows!

Along the path I saw raspberry-like fruit growing out of control.  I wasn’t sure if they were poisonous or safe, so I only ate a few.  They were strangely fuzzy, sort of like eating sweet tart cotton balls.  I lived, so next time I’ll gorge myself!

Zach obtained a busking permit and played some Tango, Klezmer, Irish fiddle, and Old-time fiddle on the streets of Burlington.  He made almost 20 bucks for his 30-40 minutes of effort.

Buskers and FOBwear

Paris had some fab buskers.  Check out this ethnic action in the subway.  And Mongolian throat singing? Almost worth a trip to Mongolia for more…

Music seemed to be everywhere…from a punk band playing in the local square for a midnight Bastille celebration to a dude playing a grand piano in the middle of a giant park:

Just as I prefer low end music/art to the $$$ stuff, my fashion palate delights in misguided FOBwear.  In my lifetime, I don’t think I will see anything that beats this number:

Oh wow.  WESTSIDE Gay Johnsons.  Simple legendary.  Why I didn’t pick up this masterpiece remains a mystery to me.  It was only a couple of Euros.  For very little effort, Ebay would have rewarded me with many dollars.