So I’ve invented a new diet.  I don’t know much about diets, having never before been on one.  Actually, I didn’t even realize I was on a diet until I thought about it and decided to name my diet.  With no further ado, I present the Special Diet™:

I eat/drink things that contain refined sugars only if they are special, and I only drink booze if it’s special.

It turns out that most sweet or boozy things just aren’t that special.  Have you sampled the chocolate from Aldi?  It’s a steal; 5½ oz of dark chocolate made in Austria for $1.50.  It tastes fantastic too, nothing like that beeswaxy Hershey’s crap.  In fact, it’s so fantastic that I was up to a bar and a half every day!  But you know what?  It’s from Aldi.  So if you think about it, it’s just not that special.  No more unspecial Aldi chocolate for me.  If my daughter were to bake a cake from scratch, by all means I would load up, because that would be special.  But alas she almost never does.  Restaurants that have a particularly famous dessert?  Special enough for me!  Too bad I almost never eat out anymore.  As far as beer goes, as long as I am in the company of good friends, it qualifies as special.  Hmmm, I could see the Special Diet™ ending in disaster if you are an alkie.

But back to sugar.  I’d wager that the average plus-sized American would drop 10% of their body weight just by not drinking pop.  Mind you, I’m basing this on the anecdotal evidence of my sedentary nephew who slimmed way down from porky to husky just by swapping soft drinks for water.

If the only take away here is that Aldi sells good chocolate, then this is what you’re looking for: