These days I eat little wheat and drink almost no alcohol.  Both give my stomach issues.  Wheat is a big deal, because, well, doesn’t just about everything good have some wheat in it?  Alcohol has never played a major roll in my life, so its abolition was no biggie.  So imagine my surprise when I ate a few medialunas (half moons…sweet crescent rolls) in Buenos Aires, and felt fine.  Was it a fluke, or what?  My inquiring stomach had to know.  So I ate lots more the next day.  Still no problems.  Well!  As you can imagine I went buck-wild eating every wheat product that caught my eye.

The water is Buenos Aires tastes no worse than home, but restaurants refuse to serve tap water.  You have to order bottled water.  Funny thing though – water, beer, (house) wine, and soft drinks all cost about the same ($1-$2).  And for an extra $1 you can supersize that beer into a full liter!  Yikes!  Well you know where this is going.  I tried a beer.  And…again nothing, no stomach pain.  It was a month of wonderful eating.  And to top it off, Elise and I somehow lost a few pounds over the course of the month.  Perhaps all the walking?  Who knows…

I’ve been home for a week now.  Almost immediately wheat was as problematic as ever.  Dunno about alcohol…haven’t bothered to try any.

So, what’s the deal?  The fluoride in our water?  GMO’s gone wild?