I live in a clean and picturesque city, many years removed from the filth and soot my dad experienced during his short stay here in the 1940’s.  Consider for a moment that my 1930’s house came with a BUILT-IN GARBAGE INCINERATOR.  I suppose clean air did not exist in Pittsburgh until fairly recently.

Once day month I tore down the incinerator, leaving me with a thousand or so bricks.  After Larry David finished feeding at the free brick troth, I was forced to re-list the remaining stash on Craigslist.  Big Willie answered the call.  BW’s wife had sent him to pick up the bricks.  BW was retired.  He talked a lot about his friends and how they weren’t happy with the way the country was going, and that they were gonna DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.  “My friends are on the internet all day.  Man, the stuff they send me is incredible.  Every day they email a bunch of jokes and inspirational stories to me.  They must spend HOURS finding that stuff just to send to me.”  I didn’t have the heart to explain the whole viral email thing to him.

Suddenly he stopped loading bricks.  “Oh man, I gotta piss”, he announced.  Ordinarily, letting a Craigslist Character walk through my house to use the facilities is something I frown upon.  But this guy seemed harmless enough.  Just as I was about to offer the use of the upstairs bathroom, BW whipped out LW and relieved himself then and there into a plastic milk jug, one he had brought specifically for that purpose.

So there’s that.