What is the blue giant doing?  And why is he wearing socks with sandals?  He’s cutting granite, and he was too lazy to put on shoes.  What’s wrong with a little sock/sandal action within my own house?  Nothing!

At 3:20 pm it occurred to me that my kids were waiting to be picked up from school, leaving no time to change footwear or shower away my layer of granite dust.  One reason I enjoy living in West View is that sock/sandal action is a step up from the community’s sartorial mean.  After picking up the nerds, I rushed Zach off to his eye appointment at the mall (not in West View), once again allowing no time to change footwear.  People at the mall were not impressed with my sandals.

You can judge my sock/sandal indiscretion all you want, but next week my freshly opened granite space will contain a Viking cooktop.  Viking!  What does a Viking cooktop mean?  In suburban sprawl or downtown condo terms, it means I’m better than you.  So there!