I own several Pittsburgh Pirates hats.  I did not purchase these hats.  They were given to me by the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball club.  Pirate attendees are showered with swag.  Bobbleheads, hats, beach towels, key chains, shirts, etc.  But mostly hats.  Black ones with a yellow “P”, yellow ones with a black “P”, red ones, white ones, blue ones, red, white, and blue ones, NASCAR ones, green ones…All with P’s on them.  Great right?  No.  There are unintended consequences.

Throughout my summer travels, I have spotted “P” caps far and wide.  Each “P” model has had issues, mostly of the drunk and/or redneck variety.  Let me state clearly that I still have high hopes for my adopted city.  I like this place enough to get old and maybe even die here, but I don’t think drunk, toothless “P” models are helping the “cause”.  It’s just not the sort of grassroots campaign that’s going to uplift our nation’s perception of Pittsburgh.

Speaking of “P”, last week I peed in Lake Champlain.  Add that to the score sheet!  I hate to brag, but I’ve increased the depth of countless rivers, most of the Great Lakes, the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic (both sides!), and even the Gulf of Mexico.  Ahhhh, life’s simple pleasures.