My flip house is on the market.  Yay!  When I look at the before and after pictures, I am overcome by feelings of idiocy.  Fool house deserved not a fraction of the love it got.  The kitchen:

I suppose we changed the kitchen JUST A LITTLE.  Off camera is a walk-in pantry made of solid cherry.  Oh baby.  Me and Pete Double-Chuck built the pantry and cabinets from scratch.  Oh, and the granite countertops/backsplash…we cut and installed them ourselves.  Did you know that granite is REALLY heavy?  It is.  The slab with the cook-top is 380 lbs.  My back hurts thinking about it.

The “before” pic is facing the wrong way…but you get an idea of the bogusness of the situation.  What possessed our forefathers to butcher 9 1/2 foot ceilings by lowering them with a stank-ugly 7 1/2 foot drop ceiling?  I’ll never understand old people.

Exposing brick is not as easy as it looks.

This is the rumpus room.  I wish my house had a rumpus room.  I’ve got more pics, but I’m bored.  I can only imagine how bored YOU must be.  Go walk the dog or something!  You’re not getting any younger sitting in front of the computer!