Earlier in the week I got inspired to study for my Math exam.  (This Saturday at 7:00 am…yikes!)  It’s amazing how much useless Math you can forget in 3 1/2 years.  Of the 40 questions on the practice test, I forgot how to do 10 of them, leaving me with a sucky 75%.  In true slacker fashion, I looked online to see what the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania required as a minimum score.  Lo and behold, a 136/200 would make me an ordained Pennsylvania High School Maff teacher.  Hahahahahaha, a 68%, a “D”.  Shizz brotha, I can score a “D” any old time in anything!  Needless to say, I put down the Math book, and wasted my time elsewhere!

I once took an “Education” class in which the grading scale was 0-69 F, 70-75 C, 76-100 A.  No D’s, no B’s.  Guess what I scored?  A 76, an “A”.  Bill Ayers was the professor, no lie.  Though his mouth moved, I recall hearing little.  (Punk) Band practice would end 2 minutes before class started.  Here’s the kind of crap we were playing/recording.  That’s me on guitar.  Don’t judge, it was 1991.

Unhip – Out of Season