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Zach turns the big One-Oh

Zach spent his birthday on foreign soil.  In Toronto, his “art-aunt” served him birthday waffles for breakfast:

Later, King Zach and his sister made white masks, put on black clothes, and danced to Christian techno music under a black light.  My kids love foreign soil!

Quick…what’s the worst thing in the world?  Ha.  You’re wrong!  It’s bricklaying in the rain:

Zach’s room had a door leading out to the roof of the sun-room.  As you can see, there are no railings on the roof.  While I’m a firm believer in raising “free range kids”, I know where to draw the line, especially since the boy has been known to sleepwalk.  In its place I installed a window.  And since the room was all jacked up with debris, I went ahead and built him the mother of all loft beds:

You want one, don’t you?  Send me a check for $10,000, and I’ll start work tomorrow.  Oh and I’ll need a daily gourmet lunch during the install.

Here’s a hot tip.  When the leaves fall like this:

Don’t waste time raking them.  They’re pretty!  Do what I did…let nature take care of it’s own business:

See?  They’re gone.  And in the spring when it all turns to muck, the kids can have fun playing in a giant mud-pit.

A Foreign Thanksgiving

Greetings from Toronto.  I’m going to Chinatown tomorrow.  Anyone need Cuban seegars or baby turtles?  While you were eating turkey, I was attending a high school talent show.  Don’t ask.  I saw a three month old FOB mainlander sing a Linkin Park song in front of a raucous, packed auditorium.  I go to great lengths to cross things off my bucket list.

Today I went to my favorite Crepe shop in the world.  It’s in the basement of the St. Lawrence market, where three angst ridden Korean teenagers whip up gastronomic foretastes of heaven.

On my way to the market I ran into an Indian cowboy, and the ubiquitous Thai street musician.

We really could use more immigrants in Pittsburgh.  Life would be a lot more interesting.