Rather than put on some dorky American shorts, I was determined to wear long pants all month, just like the locals.  And yes, I see a few of you Parisian men wearing Capri’s…you look like idiots.  Up and down the street, African men wear traditional DRESSES, or pajamas, or whatever you call them.  THEY don’t seem worried about not looking like a local.  This hot weather is wearing down my resolve.  It got up to 86 degrees today.  (At least today I smelled like a local!)  Next time it gets this hot, we’re going swimming.  I should mention that “for health reasons” all males are REQUIRED to wear Speedo’s in public pools!  Lordy!  Thankfully the rest of the week calls for cooler temps.

Yesterday the kids drew scenes from the Seine River.  Nothing too exciting.  I gotta start bringing a book with me, because I am quickly dying of boredom carting these nerds around.