Two nights ago I was reciting the lyrics of a Dawes song to my wife, and I began to blubber.  The next night I took Zach and Asia to see Dawes and Josh Verbanets.  Josh has a song that also brings out some powerful, albeit strange emotions.  When I listen to:

I feel like I’m 80 years old, laying on a bed surrounded by my kids, weak, but content, having led a life that was full in every way.  That is not an emotion one feels every day.

As we sat in a park listening to Dawes and playing Boggle, I got a text saying that after 5 days in the hospital, my wife and new daughter Katt would at last be coming home.  The intestine that the surgeons accidentally nicked had healed.  She was ready to eat again – no more failed IVs would be bruising up my wife’s arms.  Meanwhile my Pirates were choking the life out of the Cincinnati Reds.  The good old days are happening right now.