The kids were barfing and whatnot, so I cleared my busy schedule (hahahahaha) and spent the day goofing around with (and cleaning up after) the barfers.  Some (low) highlights:

Zach:  What do you think of this drawing?
Me:  Um, well, it kind of looks like a 2 year old scribbled on it.
Zach:  But Dad, don’t the colors make it look like a Jackson Pollock painting?
Me:  Un huh, sure.

Asia:  I hate this doll.  I’m gonna give it to the poor sick kids at the hospital.  Throws down the doll and stomps on it with her bare feet.  Ow!  That doll just bit me in the toe!
Me:  Un huh, sure.

One more from a week ago…
Lady at party:  So you’re kind of like a trophy husband.
Me:  Un huh, sure.