As a man of limited sartorial splendor, I got excited when my wife asked if I needed anything from the Boring Clothes Store.  “Oh yes!”, I replied, “I want another zippy fleece shirt, just like this one.  Maybe one in black.  Can you get me one in black?  It’s so warm and fuzzy”.

A short while later Elise returned.  As the BCS bags were opened, out rolled the ugliest fleece I had ever seen.  “That doesn’t look like black”, I casually mentioned.  “They were out of black”, she snapped, “so I got this color.”  “What an ugly color!”, I blurted, realizing too late the horrible words I was saying, “but…um…I mean that in a good way.  It’s a nice ugly color.” 

I’ve worn the babypoo colored fleece for the past 3 days hoping to prove how much I love it.  Tomorrow I’ll “accidentally” spill grease/paint/bleach on it, and then it will be my new favorite “work shirt”.