I am plagued by loose ends, things that don’t “add up”.  In my spare time I could be bettering myself.  Instead I daydream about confusing events.  I have perhaps hundreds in my brain queue.  Some take years to resolve.  Here’s an oldie that continues to drain grey matter:

My 8th grade English teacher gave our class a public speaking assignment.  In this class sat Ron Friedman, a tall, lanky, Jewish boy.  He was reported to have had an IQ in the stratosphere, a “gifted” child.  When his turn rolled around, Ron enthusiastically delivered a speech entitled Why marijuana should be legalized.  At the close of his speech, Ron passed around a pipe and a sizeable bag of pot.  Making their way around the room, the goods eventually came to rest on Mr. Clancy’s desk.  Old man Clancy opened the bag, took a whiff, and called security.  Ron received a two week suspension.

I’ve thought about this for 26 years.  What was Ron Friedman thinking?  What was he trying to pull?  The story fails to add up.