As a home owner, I acquired every skill necessary to fix or improve each facet of my house.  Self reliance meant freedom – freedom from dealing with contractors, freedom to build ANYTHING, regardless of how outlandish or impractical.  But…after 17 years of home ownership, I’m thinking I got it all wrong.  Self reliance did not give me freedom.  Paying someone else to do all that lousy work seems more like freedom – freedom from back pain, freedom from projects dragging on for months (years actually).

I would go as far as to say that a truer domestic freedom would be to rent, not owning a house.  Taken further, my ultimate freedom would be to own NOTHING (especially not a car), renting furnished apartments in urban locales.

So I asked Mrs. Neill if she could one day live possessionless.  She said, “no…I like to have stuff”.  So there’s that.