Zach has been in a band for three years.  Having stretched the definition of “being in a band” to its limit, yesterday Zach’s band got together in his bedroom and had their first ever practice.  I did my best to stay out of the way, nevertheless I managed to overhear the following:

“Musician” #1: Whoa Zach, where did you get this pick?

“Musician” #2: Yeah who is the hot babe on the pick?

“Musician” #1: Did you steal it?

Zach: It’s my mom.

Everyone: OMG

You see, Capital One allows you to put any kind of picture on their credit cards.  And when I’m bored with the picture I cut the card up and turn it into guitar picks.  If we go way back you might recall the circumstances surrounding this family picture:

Our best family photos always end up being, well, not Christmas card worthy.  Here’s the best shot from Buenos Aires:

It was taken at the Recoleta cemetery, easily on par with Paris’ Père Lachaise, if you’re in to that sort of thing.  Asia wandered off and snapped a few cell/tablet shots…