Interrupted musings on a perfect day.

Yesterday I took the Katt for a walk.  It was a perfect fall day, probably the last nice day of the year.  It made me think…how many idyllic days are left in my life?  1000? 100?  My body was pain-free, stress-free, and I was doing something I love, with someone I love.

Yeah, so while I was thinking about all that, Katt fell asleep.  No easy task, considering how jacked up the sidewalks are in my neighborhood.  Just then a young Yinzer woman stopped me and asked if I was pushing a real baby.  Uh-huh.  Because grown men everywhere are known to push dolls in strollers.

I bought that “jogging stroller” on Craigslist.  And in doing so, I inadvertently became a Craigslist character.  Perhaps I will tell you about that tomorrow.


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  1. I looked up Yinzer in Google, who translated it as a corruption of you-uns, a Pittsburghese that your Mom used to employ. So that mystery was solved for me.

    On the second subject, Craigslist, I used to use it quite a bit ’til some car thieves in California stole my Craigslist identity. After that, it has been rather difficult to use.

    Unlike myself, I trust you’re happy with the election.

    Much love to you and yours, from your Dad.

  2. Did the Yinzer woman say anything when you said that yes, the baby is a real baby?

    oldmanneill Reply:

    Indeed…she couldn’t get enough of Katt…perhaps she had never seen a half Asian baby before? As others have pointed out, they’re fairly rare in Pgh. Many thx for the inspiration to start writing again…

  3. Neill,

    You should add like and share buttons. From one GenX to another, I’ve always enjoyed your posts.

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