While in Austin, every day I found myself on Guadalupe Street.  Once to chauffeur my woozy BIL to get his teeth yanked, multiple times to buy overpriced records, and once to look at sordid pictures of my wife’s uterus.  Apparently we are expecting a girl alligator:

My father-in-law, where we stayed, lives 40 minutes (sans traffic) from Guadalupe Street.  When you consider that one of my top goals in life is to no longer own a car (or a house for that matter), you can see why Austin and its highway mania make me weary.

Before BIL lost all four wisdom teeth and became a vegetable for the remainder of the week, he gave me this fab idea:  For three months, do something you’ve always wanted to do for an hour a day.  At the end of the quarter, start over with something new.  Here are my four:

  1. Learn and practice foraging
  2. Record one story/day for my languishing podcast
  3. Write a new song or song fragment every day
  4. Write a novel

What are your four?  Also, since I am for once soliciting your input, which of these pics would make a better Christmas card for next year?