Ah yes, another end-of-the-year spent in Austin, TX.  Never been to Austin?  This picture pretty much sums it up for me:

Bulgogi burgers?  Wow.  Sounds weird.  Sounds fantastic.  What a combo!  Too bad it’s kind of terrible.  And just like this fab purple building, Austin has mile after mile of funky one story sprawl.  Fun, but no matter how much lipstick you apply, sprawl is still a pig.  What I DO like about Austin is the cheap food and the live music.  There is something to be said for eating good food while watching a master of his craft play a show on a Tuesday night.

For Christmas, my brother-in-law outfitted the family with clothes from his new neighborhood.

I’m pretty sure BIL is trying to get us beat up.  Last year he bought me a “Who’s your Bagdaddy?” t-shirt from his old neighborhood in Iraq.  Someone took a family photo (I don’t have it yet) of my whole family wearing Libyan garb.  It’s sad that our only family photos consist of these types of hi-jinks.  (Like this and this.)

Oh, and one more thing.  Mrs. Neill and I are expecting a baby girl in June.  So there’s that.