There’s a golf course literally two blocks from my house.  It’s not a game I play, though perhaps one day I’ll join the ranks of doughy geezers trying to prove that they “still got it”.

Today I read in the paper that the local golf course has closed for the season.  I’ve often heard locals making fun of the course saying it was all ghetto and whatnot, so I thought today might be a nice day to take the dog for a highly illegal walk through the course, just to see what a ghetto golf course be lookin like.  Here’s a pic I snapped.  Straight outta Compton, right?

Things I saw:

  • 9 turkeys hanging out together.  Nine!
  • Massive shrooms.  I wish I knew which ones were good to eat.  Mmmmmm, turkey and mushrooms for dinner.
  • A tree full of cement.  Who knew this was a thing?

Thing I wish I hadn’t seen:

  • My dog rolling in deer poop.