Last month we walked around Chicago.  It was cold and rainy, and the kids were full of ice cream.  Hoping to warm her body and soul Asia pushed for a tour of the art museum, especially when she heard her old friend Vince would be hanging around.

Later we found ourselves driving through Chicago’s West Side.  One day I will make it to Alabama Kitchen and Yo Mama’s for pizza, but not before I buy some dirt cheap life insurance.

All that driving made me hungry for Korean food.  While I consider myself to be a man of the world, I was not man enough to order the Yang Jok Tang.

On our way out of town we hit the “New” Maxwell Street Market and then went to the old neighborhood for some Mario’s.

There is nothing that cannot be had at the “New” Sunday Maxwell Street Market…miles of produce, tools of questionable origin, fab tacos, luchador masks, and every bootleg hat imaginable.  I’d say it even beats the Parisian markets.  Oh, and if your arms aren’t too tired from carrying home a load of crap, there are some sweet pimp suits for sale across the street on Roosevelt.  Gotta get me three of those next time I’m in town.

*Many thanks to my niece Henna and her awesome husband for hanging out with us all day in Chicago…and for snapping the meeting between Asia and Vince.