Every morning I pull out my bag of drugs and a razor-blade.  It’s all part of my latest scheme…to be drug-free.

I’ve been taking Prilosec, a stomach fixer-upper for 10 years.  The cost and the long-term side effects have me thinking it’s time to end this relationship.  Alas, getting off Prilosec is akin to breaking a heroin addiction.  Cold turkey attempts have launched my stomach into the depths of hell within 36 hrs.  My plan:  The pills are 12mm long.  Every week I will shave off one more millimeter of the pill. In eleven weeks I shall be drug-free.  Nevermind that one medical professional has mocked my plan.  But what does she know…she’s hooked on the stuff too.

So there’s that.

I’m fifty years late, but I’m halfway through Kerouac’s “One the Road”.  And let me tell you, it blows.  Now mind you, I don’t have a professor whispering in my ear, telling me what to think, but dang bro, the book reads like a cheap imitation of Hemingway’s “A Moveable Feast”.  Add it to my “disposable” roster:  Applebees, TGIF, etc., Americanized Chinese food, hype leading up to a football game, people talking about golf, Donald Trump, Readers Digest, SUV’s, Star Wars, the far right, the far left, and the polarized hate-filled state of American political discourse…although I suppose lists like these don’t help the cause.

The good list…people/things that ring true:  all six seasons of The Wire, A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway, the 1st four books of the New Testament, the beer brewed at Vermont Pub & Brewery, my wife, neighborhood parks in Paris, pre-WWII brick houses, the four (weather) seasons, tacos at El Milagro in Chicago, and Ira Glass.