1. 18 years ago, my bass player took me to a VIP room in some bar.  The mission was to pick up an effects pedal or something from someone.  Unsure of the ways of the world, I sat for 5 minutes, observing the goings-on.  The room hosted 10 zombie-like blank-faced patrons.  Never before had I witnessed such boring people.  Exiting the bar, I shared my observations with Mr. Bass.  “Most people are like that”, he replied, “They’re incredibly boring until you’re had a few drinks.  A few drinks loosens everyone up.”  Suddenly, the world of alcohol made a lot more sense.
  2. As you may be aware, I have big plans.  One plan is to take my kids for a drive around the United States of America in a van while listening to countless episodes of This American Life.  In preparation, I’ve downloaded all 405 episodes.  Every day I listen to archives, sorting the wheat from the chaff.  Last week, while listening to a random episode, I heard a mentally handicapped dude singing about California.  Sure it’s borderline exploitative, but I urge you to listen to the full 95 second clip.  Even if you’re at work, you’ll have a hard time not singing along with the chorus.  The dude’s total lack of inhibition is startling.  I’m pretty sure I could write equally fantastic music if I could stifle my inhibitions.  Is there a boozeless solution to this?  I’m too old to get mixed up with booze.