The man in front of me grew impatient.  “Every two minutes you step away to help someone else”, he growled.  “I drove many miles to get here, and I’m not going home without a kitchen.”

“Sir”, she replied, “I’m doing my best to help you.  You didn’t make an appointment for a design consultation, so I’m working with you and trying to help other customers at the same time.  I’ve called for help, but no one else is available.”  He offered no response beyond the boiling hatred in his eyes.

Valiantly fighting back tears, the flustered associate explained the situation to her manager.  By the time she turned her attention to me, however, she had completely unraveled, with no stoppage of waterworks in sight.  I stood awkwardly paralyzed, aware of her intense humiliation, desperately wanting to give her a hug.  But these things are not in my repertoire.  My repertoire sucks.