Yesterday I dragged the kids to the science museum.  Oh man I hate museums.  The high light?  The sink in the men’s room:

The dirty water just slides down into the wall and disappears.  I should mention that I didn’t take the pic, and that I don’t know who did.  But I doubt they want that photo credit.  What kind of a perv takes photos in the bathroom anyways?

The bathroom experience was further heightened by being the 1st clean public restroom I’ve used in Paris.  Totally worth the price of peeing while being watched by a cleaning lady.  Although that’s nothing new here.  Every time the line for the women’s restrooms gets long, the ladies just hop on over!  Luckily Paris has no Wrigley Field style pee troughs.

Well, that museum was a bust.  It was SUPPOSED to be free with my Carnegie Museum card, but it’s hard to present much of an argument when the only thing I know how to say is “2 adorable little dogs”, a phrase I use every chance I get.  Not that paying was such a big deal.  It’s not like I’m cheap, I mean geez, we’re in Paris for four and a half weeks.  It’s just that in Paris, when things cost, they COST.

Speaking of being cheap, last night Mrs. Neill had to work late, so I made hamburgers for dinner.  I probably saved at least $100!  Sure they tasted like crap, but think of all the Speedos I can buy with the savings!