Friggin kids make me crazy.  What am I reading?  The Devil’s Delusion – Atheism and its Scientific Pretensions by David Berlinski.  It’s an amusing read, written by a secular Jew.  It throws a number of zingers at the new breed of militant atheists – Dawkins, Stenger, etc.

With apologies to Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, et al, here is my take (after getting half way through the book) on the Christian/atheistic divide.  The players fall into one of 5 categories.

  1. Simpleton Christians.  Often smug and annoying.  I avoid them.
  2. Christians who have studied the bible’s storyline, understand the absurdity of its arc, yet stand unwavering in their belief.  These are people of great faith.
  3. Simpleton atheists.  Sometimes smug and annoying.  I don’t avoid them.  If I did, I would have few friends.
  4. Scientific (studied) atheists.  If they’re honest, they too understand the absurdity of their premise, which makes them people of great faith.
  5. Agnostics.  The slacker choice!

As embarrassing as I find Christians and Christianity, I fall into category #2.