Man oh man oh man.  There ain’t nothing like working with gas.  Gas is it.  Gas!  The stuff that makes your dryer, furnace, water heater, and stove get all warm inside.  The old lady is demanding a Jacuzzi in the basement, so first things first…I figured I’d better raise the basement pipes that keep wackin me in the head.  Life as a 6’6″ giant isn’t always glamorous ya know.  On this cold December day, me and Asia’s ex-boyfriend’s dad set out to raise those gas pipes.  I should mention that this character knows even less about plumbing than me.  Here’s what I do know about gas lines:  There are three possible outcomes when you work with gas…

  1. The pipes don’t fit back together, and your family freezes until you either figure it out, or call a plumber who takes your money and lectures you about how only idiots fool with their gas lines.
  2. The house blows up.
  3. Everything works, but your hands are completely black.

Well guess what?  Everything does work.  Who’s the gas man with black hands?  Yeah, that’s me baby.