Admit it, you love a good palindrome.  Three more items to keep you wondering why you continue to read this crap:

  1. As advertised, last Saturday I endured that silly Math Praxis exam.  Thanks to everyone who wished me good luck.  Oh wait, nobody did.  Jerks.  No matter…I’m confident that I barely passed.
  2. An entire isle of my local grocery store is devoted to Depends.  That may be the single most damning commentary on my neighborhood.  Indeed, I share the road with an army of slow moving Buicks and Oldsmobiles.
  3. Yesterday I saw a 4th grader flailing his arms, screaming “FREEEEEEEEEEEEDOM” as he bolted from the school building.  Now that’s livin’!  When I revert back to childhood and join the ranks of the Dependers, I’m gonna be THAT KID.