Two items for your consideration:

  • Today Asia and I shopped for shoes.  Hats off to the marketing geniuses at Sketchers.  Thanks to their brainwashing tactics, my five-year-old was hellbent on buying Sketchers.  I was game up until I saw the $40 price tag.  As the Puerto Rican kids used to say, hells no!  What’s the point of paying $.08/hour for third world labor if shoes are gonna cost that much?  Not to worry though, I fast-talked Asia into a $16 pair of Keds.
  • A few weeks ago I heard myself utter, “Ya know, I’m fascinated by poverty.  I love that stuff.”  I know I say some asinine stuff, but that takes the cake.  But it’s true.  I AM fascinated by poverty.  What was the ONLY thing I wanted to see in Paris?  The Arab housing projects.  Where did I take visitors in Chicago?  The projects!  So it is with a heavy heart that I leave for a six day all-inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic.  **Yawn**  Too bad all the “fascinating” stuff is happening on the other parts of the island.  Oh well, I’ll survive.  Sucks to be me, huh?