When my daughter gets upset I tell her, “why don’t you go draw, or something”.  The downside to this therapy is that we’re drowning in art.  What’s worse is that she tapes her art to the walls, floor, and chairs.  Then the chairs, table, and couches get rearranged to suit whatever imaginary scenario the two crazies happen to be acting out.  I’m good for an hour of cleaning each week, but they’re cranking out mess at a rate of two hours per week.  It’s got me thinking that maybe I should buy a nice video game system to siphon off some creative clutter.  Or get a real job so that I can justify hiring a non-sassy cleaning assistant.  Unable to hide her shock, the last cleaning lady sassed, “Geeeeeez, this place looks like someone’s been on a week long bender”.

If these are the extent of my problems, then I suppose life in Pittsburgh is all right.