I once asked my 16 year old nephew “what are you good at?”  After careful consideration he offered, “I can make cool things out of masking tape.”  I was struck dumb(er).  There are few less marketable skills in this world than masking tape art.

Once in a while I torment myself with the same question.  The answer:  I am an inventor of great teenage games.  Teenagers generally have a sour attitude, so to invent a good teenage game is a great triumph.  Consider my “top 3”:

One year I was in charge of a teenage church retreat.  I organized a canoe race.  Each team had 2-3 boys in one canoe and 2-3 girls in another.  The twist:  only girls could win the race.  The canoes full of boys had two options – either defend their girls, or attack/slow down the other team’s girls.  Nobody drowned but it was some memorable chaos.

Another year I organized “youth group” street hockey games.  The simple twist: every other goal had to be scored by a girl.

As a high school Maff teacher, I made up a game called “The Violent Game”.  We only played TVG twice per year…  Oh forget it.  These games all sound stupid in writing.  Admit it, you’d rather see that masking tape art!

I probably should develop actual marketable skills.  We are several weeks into the great depression, ya know.  If Mrs. Neill lost her job, the USS Neill would sink real quick.  Next month I get certified to teach Math in Pennsylvania (assuming I pass the test…you know I’m not gonna study until the night before).  Some things never change.  I am who I am.

What are you good at?