Last week I ran across a stash of my high school and college report cards.  It got me thinking about life in 1985.  (Start the flashback music…)  So I’m at my locker, right?  I’ve got homework in three, maybe four subjects, but I refuse to take home a stack of books.  Only nerds do that.  (Backpacks weren’t fashionable until ’88 or ’89.)  I pick ONE book to take home.  But what difference does it make anyways?  Jesus will be back soon, probably around the year 2000, so even if I do go to college, it’s not really enough time to mount much of a career.  So why try?  All I can think about is rushing home from school so that I can listen to Steve Dahl and Garry Meier talk about nothing for 4 1/2 hours on the radio.

Pretty sad stuff.  I’d like to think those miserable years provided a warehouse of empathy during my tenure as a teacher.  If nothing else, it caused me to write a song.  Though it sounds stuck in the mid 90’s, I wrote it just a few days ago.  Listen if you must.