What a day this turned out to be!  But first some background.  For my sixth birthday, someone bought me a tool kit and some wood.  With it, my brother and I built a toolbox, which we presented to my dad as a gift.  A few years ago my dad gave the toolbox back to me.  Since I’m a chronic abuser, I had my way with the toolbox, and as you can see, it is now officially dead.

RIP toolbox 1975 – 2008.

So…today I took 30 minutes out of my “busy” day and built a new toolbox with Zach.  This accomplished many things.  First, with today’s “quality time” spent with Zach, I’m back in the running for Dad-of-the-year.  Second, I have a new toolbox.  If it survives my abuse, I’ll give it back to Zach in 2021.  I certainly won’t want that kind of junk cluttering up my cozy downtown condo!  Third, it was built out of kitsch crap laying around the house, so I’m like the greenest guy ever.  My carbon footprint today?  Negative!  Inverted!  Want to assuage your carbon guilt?  Build something out of sheer junk!

This green moment brought to you by Coca-Cola and the NHL.