Tonight my wife yelled at me for not drinking enough beer.  She can be such a demanding woman.  At her party, I served lots of snooty beer.  As always, the response to my beverage selection was tepid, leaving us with a fridge full of beer.  Since I average just a half beer per day, her patience has worn thin.

Tonight we dined at Taj Mahal, one of the few good restaurants in our area.  We were the lone customers in the establishment.  People, put down your Budweiser, your sucky chain restaurant food, and live a little!

When we arrived home, we were greeted by a gang of wild turkeys.  My first exposure to this phenomenon came several months after my Pittsburgh migration.  During Thanksgiving week, a pair was standing in front of a restaurant.  Unsure how to process the sight, I chalked it up as the greatest marketing gimmick I had ever seen.

Git the gun Eleanor, I’m hungry.