I’ve got a few ignorant things on my mind.  Lucky for me, I’ve got a forum with which to share these pearls.  Unlucky for you, you’re bored enough to read this crap!  Here goes…

I was raised in a church that disliked artistic renderings of Jesus.  They were deemed idols, in violation of the second commandment.  So one might ask, if those drawing weren’t the Lord Jesus, then who was that guy?  One of my friends decided that the handsome bearded hippie was probably a guy named Sweeney MacFlugal.

One day, a parishioner was getting married.  A crowd gathered ’round as the happy couple opened their presents.  Knowing that their son was religious, but not familiar with his particular brand of religion, the father of the groom purchased a large portrait of Jesus.  Upon opening the gift, one of my friends exclaimed, “It’s Sweeney MacFlugal!”.  Aghast, the father objected in the gravest of tones, “No.  That’s the Lord Jesus!”, to which a chorus of my idiot friends gleefully bellowed, “No it’s not, it’s Sweeney MacFlugal!”.

So there’s that.

One more thing.  It occurred to me that I’ve never seen an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show.  Beat that!  Actually, my sister can.  She’s never heard of Sylvester Stallone.  How great is that!?!  Think of how much wiser we would all be, if none of us had ever heard of Sylvester Stallone.