I went to the library today.  People often recommend books, but I don’t have a good system for storing their information.  So I go random.  I pick an isle, and look for pretty covers.  I haven’t had much luck with women authors, so the ladies get re-shelved.  Next I look at the inside jacket.  If the author looks like a baby boomer, he’s out.  Then I quickly flip through the book.  War, sea, and depression-era settings get the re-shelf.  After 5 minutes, I’m left with 6 random books, of which 1 might be a winner.  Meanwhile, my kids are downstairs in the children’s section, doing who-knows-what.

So I’m reading the first novel today, Angelica’s Grotto.  I’ve been reading nothing but blogs for the past six months, so it’s nice to once again read *ahem* real writing.  Turns out that Asia and I checked out the same author, Russell Hoban.  How’s that for coincidence, huh?  Beat that, Chuck Dickens!  Asia checked out a bunch of Frances books.  Ooooo I love me some Frances.  My brother used to have a 45 record of this book:

One Thanksgiving Day we (his kids and I) listened to it a zillion times while laying on the computer room floor, staring at the ceiling.  Oh the fun we had!  Last year I recorded the book for Asia’s class.

Go ahead, listen to my enthusiasm.  I even sing a little.  Yep, you know you want to click it now!

Old Man Neill – A Bargain for Francis.mp3