Well what do you know, the school year is almost over.  And I’m $15,000 poorer after paying Asia’s tuition.  Ahem.  Next year she’ll be attending a public school.  So what did we get for 15 large?  Well, she learned this “song”:

I guess we got our money’s worth.  Care to sing along?  Have some lyrics:

I’m goin’ to Kentucky.  I’m goin’ to the fair; to see the Senoritas, with flowers in their hair.  Shake it baby shake it, shake it all you can.  Shake it like a milkshake, and do the best you can.

No, my kids aren’t retarded.  But thanks for your concern.

More flip-house pics…

The clawfoot tub has a rain shower…chicks dig that crap.  In reality, it’s annoying.  Nerd construction-talk alert:  The stone tile is Durango Travertine.  I made the accent tiles out of marble and granite.  The walk-in kitchen pantry is cherry.  It’s 4 feet wide by 8 feet tall on either side…plenty of room for lard, soup, Bisquick, and whatnot.