Zach and his best friend Ethan

At my first teaching position, I yelled all year long.  Kids learned to tune me out.  In my last years of teaching, I rarely raised my voice.  The usage of something scarce has impact.  Remember the post-Kramer hysteria of black comedians wanting to ban the “N-word”?  As a casual Def Comedy Jam viewer, I would conjecture that the health and usage of the “N-word” has been nursed back to pre-Kramer levels.  A successful ban would have sharpened the impact of the word to absolute volatile levels.  But none of that has much to do with this old cracker.  Here’s what has me down:  It’s all these little kids running around with mohawks.  The sanctity of the mohawk has been defiled.  Or is this just a suburban Pittsburgh phenomenon?  It’s upsetting.  About the only thing more upsetting is Zach’s “faux-hawk”.  I need to sit down and give that boy a good talkin-to.

R.I.P. mohawk.  Your shock value is near zero.  In a bygone era, children would cry and hold on to their mommies when they would see me and my hairdo.  These days those same impressionable kids would squeal, “Mom, look at that awesome haircut”.