Did you know laziness and ignorance can kill you?  Well it almost killed me.  I got electrocuted the other day, due to a lethal combination of laziness and ignorance.  Seriously, I don’t know how I’m still alive.  I got jolted through both hands simultaneously.  I know Jesus loves me, and that I live a ridiculously charmed life, but wow… I hope the new owner of my flip-house appreciates those stupid recessed lights.

This kind of crap puts life in perspective.  Here I’ve shipped my family off to Texas for 10 days so that I can work 12-hour days at my stupid flip house.  How dumb is that?  Never again.

When I was four years old my dad would let me play with his oscilloscope.  Turning various knobs would produce sine waves and other funky shapes.  Each session would end with a mind altering electric shock.  I learned two things at an early age:  1.  Following in my dad’s footsteps as an engineer might not be so wise.  2.  Getting a finger jolted, albeit painful, is OK, but electricity flowing into one hand, traveling across the chest, and out the other hand is not OK, but deadly.