I’m smrt.

Here’s the new look.  I’m so much smarter now.  If I ever write a novel, I’m putting this picture on the back cover.  (I won’t…writing is torture.  Do they still make kids write as punishment in school?)

I’m a few days late on this one, but whatever:

I once shared a townhouse with four other nerds.  On the afternoon of October 31, 1995, I was attempting to record my roommate singing.  Between songs, I happened to look out the window.  I couldn’t help but notice a group of feral Italian kids hiding in our bushes.  With their Sam’s-Club-sized crate of eggs, their primary focus appeared to be tricks rather than treats.  Exercising poor judgment, they launched an attack on an off-roadish 4X4.  And off the road it did come, with the sole intent of running over the egg throwing perpetrators.  The modern day bullfight lasted for several wild minutes.

The songs I recorded that day are still some of my favorite songs.  Here are a few:

Kirk Merchant – Down low.mp3
Kirk Merchant – Alone in the world.mp3
Kirk Merchant – Leave me alone for awhile.mp3
Kirk Merchant – Denial.mp3