The facts:  1) I got a new look.  2) I bought another house.  3) I drive two hours a day.  4) My daughter is attending a pre-school that is costing me more per year than my collective seven and a half years of college.

1) The new look:  I bought prescription hipster/nerd glasses online.  Yep, online.  They’re hot.  I look so smart it’s sickening.  I’ll post a picture next time.  Halloween is a dangerous time to go for a new look.  I remember a kid in high school wore plaid pants to school on Halloween.  They were subtly plaid, not loud.  Everyone thought he was dressed up as a nerd for Halloween, when in fact he was just sporting a new look.  That reminds me…when I was a teacher, there was a girl who used to have a gap between her two front teeth.  Once a week she would wear a big blue sweatshirt with the word “Gap” boldly emblazoned across the front.  Not being able to crack the obvious joke drove me to pieces.

2-4 is all related.  Asia’s school is on the other side of the world, so I drive her around half the day.  So, what to do with a 5 hour gap in my afternoon…sit around while going broke paying for the world’s most expensive pre-school education?  No sir.  I bought a house to rehab.  And no, I didn’t get inspired by “Flip this house” or any of that crap on TV.  I swear I’ve never seen the show.  Besides, I’m out of the TV business.  I’ve rediscovered reading.  Did you know that you can read books for free at the library?  All you gotta do is return the books on time.  Sadly, the Neill family is down to our last library card.  The only person with a valid library card (one without $20 in fines) is Asia.  The librarian must think Asia’s book selection is quite extraordinary for a four year old.  Back to the house…so yeah, it’s a major rehab, 4-5 months of work.  I wouldn’t call it a flip; it’s more of an art project.  I just finished building a cherry walk-in-pantry.  For real, a cherry pantry.  Beat that!  My business partner is a guy named Pete Doublechuck.  He’s an artist of sorts, and a prolific woodworker.  Oh and he’s also an attorney, which is handy (provided we stay on good terms).  Hopefully I won’t lose too much money or too many fingers.