My dad has an “interesting” hobby.  He buys (and then reads) “discard” books from the library for $.25 each.  Good Lord, the man has been at this for years.  The authors are from bygone eras, ignored for decades.  Dad’s toying with selling his house, but I dunno how he’ll dispose of the 50,000 or so titles rotting in the attic.  It’s not like there’s a strong market for reject library books.

Yesterday I was at the dollar store. ***eyes roll*** They were selling CD’s from bygone eras, ignored for years, for 10 cents each.  Gracious.  I bought two discs.  What can I say?  The price was right.  I expected to hear the world’s worst music, but it wasn’t half bad.  The dollar store had better cut out this foolishness, because there is no way that I can stop myself from buying a $.10 CD.  Know what I don’t need?  50,000 reject CD’s rotting in my attic.

Here’s something random…I was waiting in the waiting room, and a guy comes in whistling “Eye of the Tiger” louder than I ever heard someone whistle.  By the time he broke into the chorus, I swear I could see Rocky Balboa boxing in a blaze of glory.

Even more random…Looking through Facebook pages of my ex-students, I stumbled upon the following sentence:  “That diamond UGLY AS HELL in this picture, I mean DAMN. She look like a Goat mixed with some Shut Yo Mouth.”  I’m dying to use this in a conversation, but I’m gonna wait until I figure out what it means.