Zach and Asia go off-roading

And so the vacation continued…next stop: My sister’s house in the Smokey Mountains.  Greenback, Tennessee to be exact.  The Smokeys were a few minutes down the street, but as always, I was too lazy to see what the fuss was all about.  Besides, my sister had a pool, horses, AND a trampoline.  Really now, what more could I have wanted?  Well, my nephews weren’t satisfied…they were missing their dumb white trash “bags” game that they had left in Chicago.  So they built themselves a new set.  I don’t know whether they lacked proper materials or sobriety, but what they manufactured was the saddest thing I have ever laid eyes upon, perhaps sadder than Home Star Runner’s Li’l Brudder. It was much too “special” to be called “bags”, so we referred to our new game as “wags”.

A week in Tennessee did strange things to me.  Swap that snooty Rouge beer for a Budweiser, and the transformation would have been complete.  Thankfully the family and I hit the road before my beer tastes got addled.  Next up: Austin, TX.

An unholy transformation