Deja Vu.  A dream teaching gig dropped into my lap.  (The exact same thing happened seven years ago.)  Alas I turned it down…I agreed with the school that the other candidate was a better hire.  Three Pre-Calculus sections, one Calculus AB section, and one Calculus BC section – with one week to prepare???  A dream school yes, but a nightmare year it would have been.

I’ve come to the realization that teaching is the ONE thing in life that I’m actually good at.  My dad always looked down on teachers.  Somehow this poison has always affected me.  In the ten years that I taught, I never let teaching define my life.  It was a hobby at best…something I did for fun.  In truth, I doubt I’ll ever fully lose myself in teaching – the way that I can edit a music project for 10 straight hours without eating, or the way I can work on my house around the clock.  But there is a part of me that loves to teach, loves to interact with young minds, and loves to tell the same stupid stories year after year.