Rmmm RRmmmm RRRRRRRR…it’s amusing for ten minutes.

Today Zach and I checked out a vintage grand prix.  Little boy lost interest after 20 minutes (no crashes = boring), so we left.

Later I played softball.  All my years living in Chicago I always wanted to join a 16″ softball league.  But how does one join a team?  “Hey fellas…looking for an extra bat in the lineup??”  Teams were either too intense or too inbred, so I never pursued the matter.  Then…last month I got invited to play Chicago style ball – IN PITTSBURGH!  As the Puerto Rican kids used to say, HELLS YEAH!  Oh, and they’re a bunch a slackers who can’t hit the ball much better (or worse) than me.  The photo on the left says it all.  (Yep…that’s a cig in his mouth.)  I can’t believe I had to move to Pittsburgh to play me some 16″.  When I got home, the kids wanted to go a few more innings…


There’s that dumb dog again