Over the weekend, Charles (my nephew) and I camped in the mountains of a far-off wilderness.  Long after my cell phone had lost it’s use, we turned onto an unpaved road, and drove another 20 miles into the mountains.  Guard rails?  Gas stations?  Ha!  This was no horseshoes and s’mores camping trip.

First we drove on this road…


to find the (unpaved) road less traveled.

On Saturday, we hiked for five hours through a canyon.  My legs should make a full recovery sometime next month.  Normally all that nature business is lost on me, but after seeing a black bear, birds taller than me, a bigazz shooting star, and a zillion other non-(sub)urban sights, something finally clicked.  I can’t wait to take Zach camping this summer.

Here’s a few more pics from the weekend:

The trail, the creek, and Charles.

Twilight at the campsite.