I had a glaucoma test today.  (I passed…thanks for asking.) I’m looking forward to having my eyes sober up, but I’ll miss my sexy new look:

I’ve been playing dolls lately.  It makes me crazy tired – especially when I play while laying on Asia’s bed.  I do my best to stay awake while responding to mindless princess banter, but I inevitably drift off to sleep.  Half awake I mumble, “Why yes Cinderella, we MUST go to the castle.”  I sink deeper into sleep.  I barely hear Asia say, “But Sleeping Beauty, first we have to rescue the kitty cat from Swiper-the-Fox.”  Suddenly my own snoring wakes me up, and in a disoriented panic I shout “Those staples are too long!  You’ll break the board!”  Then Asia looks at me like I’m nuts (the same look I get when I sport my “sexy new look”).  “Dad”, she sighs, “Maybe we could just watch a video or something.”