No dolls!

Asia took a two hour psyche test today.  We’re trying to sneak her into kindergarten a year early.  It’s not like she’s a genius or anything, it’s just that she’d be bored with another year of preschool and another year of playing with me – especially since I refuse to play dolls with her.  I hate Barbie and all her skanky friends.

Yesterday we rode bikes.  I have an attachment on my bike that allows Asia to “help” peddle (but she doesn’t).  The hills were merciless.  After an hour, I arrived home – humbled and broken.  Amazingly, I can still walk today.

On Friday I went Luchador bowling (I’m on the far right):


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  1. Nice photoshopping, Old Man! Any more pics you can share with us? Or email to the list?

  2. your cinco de mayo plans definitely trumped mine. quinn donnelly brought his mini grill to school on the 4th and we had a cuatro de mayo cookout complete with a quesadilla machine plugged into an outlet on the street lamps.

  3. wow, I’ve never thought about Barbie as skanky before . . . ouch

  4. Twas a great time man! We need more of these kinds of events!

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